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Alternatives to Surgery

Dr.Richard Guttler, a thyroid cancer physician specialist, and thyroid ultrasonographer, is the director of the Santa Monica Thyroid Center since 1974. Dr. Guttler is the sole owner of the Endocrine Neck Laboratory of Southern California. This is an extension of the thyroid center, offering endocrine neck studies for endocrinologists and others interested in high quality thyroid studies performed personally by Dr.Guttler. He is a clinical thyroidologist, board certified in Endocrinology. Founder, secretary, and past president of The Academy of Clinical Thyroidologists. He personally treats thyroid cancer.

At the center. Dr.Richard Guttler uses the ultrasound to diagnose cancer by guiding the needle into selected areas of the suspicious nodule. This is called Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy. He is a thyroid cytopathologist, member of the American Society of Cytopathology, and prepares and reads his own biopsy slides. Also, he uses ultrasound guided ethanol injections, PEI, to treat thyroid nodules that are cystic, eliminating the need for surgery. PEI is also used to kill cancer lymph nodes in patients, when surgery is a risky option.

Dr. Guttler can help the surgeon locate abnormal nodes in previously operated neck to decrease the risk of complications, by placing a small amount of methylene blue dye on the node one hour before the surgery.

The center uses radiation sparingly, but when it is needed the center can give 150 Millicuries as an outpatient to medium and high risk patients. Low risk cancer patients will not be given radioiodine, as it is not helpful and can cause cancer years later. The nuclear medicine section can treat Graves’ disease, toxic nodular goiters, nontoxic goiters, as well as thyroid cancer.

Hypothyroidism is usually due to Hashimoto’s chronic thyroiditis. Thyroid hormone therapy is needed, to keep the TSH normal, because high TSH is a risk factor for nodules, and cancer in thyroiditis. Finally, low dose radioiodine is an alternative to surgery, for treating large non-toxic goiters, especially in elderly.

Physician burnout has become a serious problem within the medical field. Click here to find out how to avoid it.

For physicians wanting to become top-level thyroidologists, you can now train with Dr. Guttler in a 3 or 5 day course for those serious about starting a Clinical Thyroidology practice. Details of what this course covers are presented here.

Dr. Guttler also offers a 3-day course covering the current best practices for thyoid diagnosis and treatment. You can read more about this course here.

When your health depends on it, you want the best. If you are interested in becoming a patient, getting a second opinion, or making a referral, please contact us.

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Santa Monica Thyroid Diagnostic Center
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