Out of Network Second Opinions: The Most Important Thing to Protect Yourself Before Surgery

Second opinion is a way to protect yourself from surgery that could be harmful. It can check that the diagnosis¬†is correct. It can redirect you to the correct diagnosis BEFORE the surgery. Second opinion from an out of network expert can find you don’t need surgery at all! It could find the planned surgery was too extensive for your type of nodule or cancer. Second opinion can also recommend non-surgical alternatives for your nodule or cancer such as radiofrequency RFA and ethanol ablation PEI. Second opinion can even change diagnosis of the type of cancer and radically changing the treatment plan.Finally second opinion can recommend that the surgeon you were planning to have do your surgery was subject to high a complication rate due to low volume of thyroid surgery cases. Even if you are in a medical insurance plan that uses in house specialists you are legally entitled to a paid outside opinion. Seek a high volume surgeon >25 totals a year.

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Richard Guttler MD,FACE,ECNU