Reverse T3: A useless test for Clinicians.

Reverse T3: A useless test for Clinicians.

Why do Functional medicine physicians order this test when it has no clinical value in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease?

Thyroid May 2018 Lopresti J.L. et al

DR.Guttler’s comments:

Article from USC thyroid Lab on orders of over 400,000 thyroid tests.

  1. 400,000 orders for thyroid tests.
  2. 90,000 orders for rT3.
  3. Only 20% of physicians ordered rT3 but only once or twice.
  4. 100/61,000 ( 0.1% ) providers ordered 30% of the rT3 tests.
  5. 60/100 were functional medicine providers.
  6. They say it is used to diagnose rT3 dominance and direct T3 replacement therapy.
  7. There is little evidence to support the use of rT3 to diagnose thyroid patients or to regulate therapy using T3.
  8. Conclusion: Functional medicine providers are using a useless rT3 test to diagnose a disease that dose not exist.( rT3 dominance ). Using rT3 as a guide to treat patients on T3 therapy for hypothyroidism.
  9. Bravo to USC lab and Dr.Lopresti for this paper.
  10. Dr.G.
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