Patient’s Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation Blog

Patient’s Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation Blog

Have you been told that you need surgery for your benign goiter nodule or very small thyroid cancer?

Keep reading if you want to learn about how to relieve the painful symptoms or cosmetic issues of a goiter nodule and an alternative to surgery.

Hi I am Dr.Richard Guttler Clinical professor of Medicine Keck/USC Med school , boarded in endocrinology,and Endocine Neck  Certified in ultrasound.

My colleagues call me “Father of thyroid radiofrequency ablation treatment” in the United States. 

Thyroid radiofrequency ablation treatment can create the results they want without surgery by using thermal heat ablation inside the nodule or cancer under local Lidocaine to prevent pain.

I have been offering low cost treatment in my office for thyroid nodules and small cancers since 2018.

I understand the challenges you face with this thyroid issue & I can help you get treatment and relief without going under the knife.

Because thyroid radiofrequency ablation treatment is an office Procedure the cost is lower than hospital, or imaging centers. It is not covered by insurance, but if you can not afford to pay out of pocket, we have insurance companies who will give you a loan for the procedure.

If you are serious in wanting to obtain your goals without surgery, call Alicia now!

1-310-393-8860 or email to

Don’t be fooled by ads and websites by hospitals, universities, radiologists, surgeons who are new to Treating thyroid patients with Thyroid radiofrequency ablation.

I recommend a road map to success for you.

1. Do not settle for the surgeon’s recommendation, but seek outside opinions.You need to know thyroid surgery is an elective  procedure and is rarely an emergency needing surgery now.

2. Do your homework. Look on the internet for thyroid radiofrequency.

3. Read about radiofrequency ablation and it’s success in solving your problem without surgery.

4. Find a interventional thyroidologists to help you reach your goals.

5. Give  your records including your prior ultrasounds and biopsies ahead of the consultation.

6 Set up an evaluation to see if thyroid RFA is right for your specific thyroid problem.

7 If you are a candidate you will need to have certain blood tests before the treatment.

8 Questions about allergies,other illnesses, and if any metal objects inserted in your body at prior surgeries. Also a pacemaker insertion.

9 Set a date for the 20-30 minute procedure that is performed under local Lidocaine injection of the skin and thyroid capsule to prevent pain. There is no pain fibers inside the thyroid nodule, only in the skin and thyroid capsule.

10 There are minimal side effects and recovery is quick. Most leave the my office in 45 minutes.

11 Post RF follow up for ultrasounds are needed for one year.

I can help you without surgery, call now!

1-310-393-8860 or email to

Richard Guttler MD, FACE, ECNU

Alicia Segovia RFA Information Officer


FAX 3103958147

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