Benign Symptomatic Thyroid Nodules BSTN Treatment with Ethanol or Radiofrequency Ablations had Improved Their Quality of Life QoL.

Dr.Guttler’s comments:

  1. QoL was evaluated using a thyroid-specific QoL questionnaire consisting of 11 scales with multiple-choice answers. Nodule characteristics and QoL were evaluated at diagnosis and 1, 6, and 12 months after treatment. Overall QoL was rated from 0 (well) to 4 (poor).
  2. 86 patients with NSTNs were studied.
  3. Their questionnaires evaluate the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions, with responses scored on a scale from 0 (none) to 4 (very severe). The QoL questionnaire consisted of 11 separate scales in the following aspects: goiter symptoms (11 items), tiredness (7 items), cognition (6 items), anxiety (6 items), depression (7 items), emotional susceptibility (7 items), impaired social life (4 items), impaired daily life (6 items), impaired sex life (2 items), cosmetic concern (6 items), and overall QoL (1 item). Since we only included patients with normal thyroid functions, scales evaluating symptoms.
  4. The score on each scale of QoL questionnaire improved significantly during follow-up. There were no major complications.
  5. Conclusion of the paper found both RFA and EA are safe and effective in reducing nodule volume and improving thyroid-specific QoL in patients with BSTNs.
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  7. Surgery is the long-established therapeutic option for BSTNs [19,20]. However, the cost of thyroid surgery, the risk of temporary or permanent complications, and the effect on QoL remain relevant concerns [12,21]. Regarding QoL after surgery, several previous studies demonstrated that surgery may not lead to an overall improvement in QoL in patients with BSTNs [22,23].
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Assessment of thyroid-specific quality of life in patients with benign symptomatic thyroid nodules treated with radiofrequency or ethanol ablation: a prospective multi-center study

  • June 2021

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