Dr.Guttler’s Patient’s Thyroid Blog Post #9

Dr.Guttler’s Patient’s Thyroid Blog Post #9

Dr.Guttler’s comments:

Your Quality of Life can be affected just from that results of the thyroid surgery regardless of the thyroid disease prompting the surgery. Always get multiple opinions before any thyroid surgery especially if the nodular goiter is benign.If you have a small micro-papillary thyroid cancer it can be treated without the risk of surgery by radiofrequency ablation or active surveillance.

[Nerve damage after thyroid-parathyroid surgery. Recurrent nerve paralysis significantly impair quality of life in many patients]

[Article in Swedish]J Järhult  1 L RäfAffiliations

  • PMID: 11068402


Forty-seven cases of permanent vocal cord paralysis after neck surgery are investigated.

Very few operations were described as technically problematical.

The recurrent laryngeal nerve was identified in 77% of the procedures.

Patients in particular need of an excellent voice in their work or leisure activities described a definite decrease in quality of life after surgery.

Straightforward information concerning this complication should always be given to the patient preoperatively.

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