Mumps vs Thyroid Cancer?

Mumps vs Thyroid Cancer?

Dr.Guttler’s Comments:

1. A neck mass in an adult is not usually mumps, but a 22 year old student with a mumps outbreak at her school was not wrong to think she had mumps.

2. She had a thyroid nodule that was proven to be thyroid cancer.

3. Adults with neck masses need to see a thyroid specialist.

4. 310-393-8860 0r email to for an evaluation.

5. Ask for Alicia


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The lump Layla found on her neck

Student, 22, who thought she had mumps after she spotted a golf ball-sized lump on her neck while getting ready for a night out reveals how she was told she had thyroid cancer after her mother insisted she go to the GP

  • Layla Phillips, 22, from Bath, was aged 20 when she was diagnosed with cancer

  • She first noticed golf-ball sized lump on her neck when at university in Swansea

  • Student told by doctors the chances of the lump being a sign of cancer were slim

  • However, after having an operation to have the lump removed and tested, Layla was left shocked when told over the phone that she had thyroid cancer 

A woman who thought she had mumps after noticing a lump on her neck has revealed how she was left devastated when being told she actually had thyroid cancer.

Student Layla Phillips, 22, was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma two years ago while studying in Swansea.

She first noticed a golf ball-sized lump on her neck when putting on a necklace ahead of a night out with friends and initially thought she could have mumps because the infection was going around her university halls.

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