The Father of Thyroid Nodule Radiofrequency Ablation in the USA

The Father of Thyroid Nodule Radiofrequency Ablation in the USA

In 2014 Richard Guttler began the training and use of thyroid RFA for thyroid nodules in Italy. He returned and began using 3 different RFA systems to begin to understand how RFA could help his thyroid patients with benign nodules avoid surgery and 80% chance they would have to take thyroid hormone replacement for life. Also the possible complications and scar for a hospital based thyroidectomy was also an issue for him.

Using phantoms, turkey breasts and bovine liver, he practiced ablation technique with “beef’ nodules inserted into the phantoms. After hundreds of practice days he began to train others in his 2 day master’s course. They would be ready to have their own system to practice before 2018 FDA approval. Now there are many options for RFA treatment in the USA.

After many presentations, abstracts and upcoming paper on my his experience treating his patients he offers his expertise to treat you with thyroid RF in his endocrine office based ultrasound room.

Also he has the first published paper in Video Endocrinology on the use of ethanol to ablate thyroid and parathyroid cysts.

DR.Guttler is excepting patients for evaluation for thyroid RF for these conditions.

  1. Biopsy proven benign thyroid nodules\

  2. Molecular marker proven benign nodule after suspicious cytology report

  3. Micro-papillary thyroid cancers as alternative to surgery or active surveillance.

  4. Low Risk Follicular neoplams.

  5. Recurrent papillary cancer in neck lymph nodes post surgery and neck dissections as alternative to more surgery or RAI/131.

  6. Selected cases with parathyroid adenoma PTA, that could be ablated with RFA as alternative to surgery.

  7. Solid cystic thyroid nodules with >50% solid component can use RF alternative to surgery or inadequate treatment by ethanol due to solid component.

  8. Large Bulky Goiter nodules to decrease the size and relieve symptoms.

  9. Patients with thyroid diseases that preclude surgery can be treated with Thyroid RFA.

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