Too Many Thyroidectomies For Benign Thyroid Nodules

Too Many Thyroidectomies For Benign Thyroid Nodules

Implications of RFA for patients undergoing thyroid surgery form benign disease in the USA.

Surgery 2021 Kim et al July 22 2021

The number of patients who had thyroid surgery in this study who were eligible for alternative RFA therapy was studied. 284/411 69% of patients were candidates for RFA.

Dr.Guttler’s comments:

  1. 20/411 7% had post surgery voice changes.
  2. 2/411 0.7% were unhappy with the scar.
  3. 70/411 25% had cancers but most were occult and only 23/411 8% had cancer >1 cm or equal to 1 cm.
  4. Also small micro-papillary thyroid cancers diagnosed by FNA can now be treated with RFA or active surveillance.
  5. RFA patients have no scar, less complications, lower procedure bills, and less likely to require life time thyroid hormone replacement.
  6. Some studies show up to 80% of patients with a lobectomy requiring thyroid hormone therapy in their lifetime.
  7. Now is the time to walk away from the surgeon that only wants to remove your lobe or the whole gland.
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