What the Patient Fears about Having a Thyroid Nodule Evaluation For Cancer and the Needed Treatment.

What the Patient Fears about Having a Thyroid Nodule Evaluation For Cancer and the Needed Treatment.
  1. From the moment the lump in your neck is noted by you, family member or your primary physician, the first thought is do I have thyroid cancer? Will I see my kids grow up?

  2. The amount of anxiety, worry and fear increases when you are told you need a needle stuck in your neck to see if it is cancer.

  3. Things get even worse when they tell you have a specious nodule that could be cancer and you need more tests.

  4. After molecular marker tests come back suspicious but not definate for thyroid cancer, you are now even more worried. However, a PET/CT study with low SUV can prevent the need for cancer surgery.

  5. The primary refers you to his surgeon.

  6. The surgeon does not improve your state of mind when you tells you the only thing to do is the remove the nodule along with half or all of your thyroid gland.

  7. Anxiety increases when he describes the complications you could have with the surgery. He tells you he may take the whole thyroid or only half but even with only a half there are still 80% you may need thyroid replacement for life.

  8. You had hoped to avoid surgery if possible, but the surgeon tells you there is no other way.

  9. To help you understand what is in store you visit Google to search for alternative treatment options.

  10. To your surprise there are alternatives not included in the surgeon evaluation.

  11. You present your findings to your primary and surgeons, but are told that those are not accepted therapy.

  12. What are the factors that allow one to avoid surgery for nodules and thyroid cancer?

  13. Benign nodules with symptoms or cosmetic issues are routinely treated by either ethanol for cysts or radiofrequency ablation RFA for solid nodules. These safe procedures will leave you with your thyroid gland intact with no need for thyroid hormone therapy for life.

  14. What about thyroid cancer?

  15. There are 2 alternatives for you with a small <1.5 cm micro-papillary cancer.

  16. Active surveillance for small indolent thyroid cancers can allow long term followup with the cancer still in your neck. Ultrasound evaluations that see no size change can be continued on followup.

  17. Patients like you who are still afraid of surgery and the possible complications and the need for thyroid hormone to replace the removed thyroid gland for life, but do not want the cancer sitting in their neck for years, can opt for thyroid RF ablation.

  18. The tumor ablation is simple and safe and will not destroy your thyroid gland.

  19. You will not have a scar.

  20. You will not need thyroid hormone replacement for life.

  21. If you are one with this worrisome situation of surgery or alternatives, call me at 310-393-8860 or email to thyroid.manager@thyroid.com.

  22. Ask for Alicia

  23. End the fear and worry about your thyroid problem.

  24. Finally, if the cancer is larger you still to need help in planning the surgery.

  25. Papillary thyroid cancer is slow growing and can usually be treated with a lobectomy only.

  26. Some cancers will require a total removal.

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