What you need to know when you are seeing the physician after a thyroid nodule or cancer diagnosis.

Humane treatment during the diagnosis and treatment for nodules and cancer is your right.

Many physicians are only interested in outcomes and do not treat the whole patient.

They make it possible for you to have heightened stress, anxiety, fear, emotional damage, depression  and even avoidance behavior.

Here are my 10 Pearls to determine if the physician is right for you.

1. Fear of death seen in concern for not being able to see her child grow up.

2. Fear of loss of fertility and hair loss.

3. Failure to take care of other health issues due to fear of an early death.

4.Physicians should not give positive diagnoses too readily, even if the statistics are in favour of good news. It is easier to turn indifferent news into good news than vice versa.

5. Patients fear every check-up visit. Therefore, it is wise to schedule them as infrequently as possible. 

6.Very person has a different way of coping and counter-intuitively, thyroid cancer patients often have more severe psychological problems than patients with a poor prognosis, who are occupied by juggling their treatment and side effects and are confronted with trying to survive every day.

7. It is key  for your physician to understand that quality of life and emotional burden is not directly related to the severity of the disease.

8.Physicians should be made aware of all side effects; it is crucial to know that an informed patient tolerates much more than an uninformed patient.

9. There is the medical expert, who compares thyroid cancer with other cancers and might focus on its good prognosis and favourable treatment options (with few side effects and little social stigma).

10. Quality of life assessment should be encouraged; it is easy to perform and provides a lot of valuable information.

11. Does your physician pay attention to you feelings?

12. Change physicians.

13. Call me at 310-393-8860 or email to thyroid.manager@thyroid.com for a humane approach to thyroid nodule and cancer care.

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