Dr.Guttler’s website Thyroid.com is the first page of google sites for each of the main uses for radiofrequency and ethanol ablation.

Searches for “thyroidologist doing Radiofrequency ablation or ethanol ablation”
1. benign thyroid nodules and thyroid and parathyroid cysts
2. micropapillary thyroid cancer.
3.recurrenct neck cancer lymph nodes.
4. Parathyroid adenoma
5. thyroglossal duct and other neck cysts.

Thyroid.com is the website always listed in the first 10 search sites.There are others ahead of thyroid.com but those are Google paid ads.
Thyroid.com since 1997 has never paid to be listed on google!
Call me at 310-393-8860 or email to thyroid.manager@thyroid.com for an appointment evaluation if you have any of these conditions.
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