My Family Survived Hurricane Iniki In 1992

5 of my family were visiting our vacation home in Poipu Beach Kauai when we were awaken by the local police and told to leave our home as the storm surge would make a direct hit on our home. We relocated to a home in the north in Princeville. We lined the large walk in closet behind a bathroom with mattresses. My 3 children including a 6 month old rode out the storm. We were unable to leave the island for 5 days, living off the frozen food and propane BBQ. Finally the army came with army meals. When the 6 month old became sick we were able to evacuate to Honolulu. After 2 days she was released and we finally arrived back in Los Angeles.

I took a 4 wheel jeep 30 miles to see the house. The roads were not passable. Traveling through cane fields I arrived to see the Banyan tree behind our house was stripped, and the beach houses in front of us were destroyed and landed up against our home.

The electric grid was knocked out for 4 months. Generators were everywhere. We knew there would be no tourists for many months. We decided to take the insurance and sell the house as is to a contractor.We visited and stayed at a beach house 2 years later near ours but never felt safe after the hair raising experience.


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