Pearls for Thyroidologists about RFA for their Patients.

  1. RFA is a game changer for your thyroid patients who want to avoid surgery, the scar and the need for lifetime thyroid medication.
  2. RFA is a new procedure that clinical and interventional thyroidologists need to learn.
  3. RFA out-competes surgery and will eventually make thyroid surgery for many conditions second choice.
  4. RFA is now first choice for benign thyroid nodules.
  5. It is rapidly gaining favor for recurrent lymph node metastatic disease and primary small papillary thyroid cancer at the expense of active surveilance AS or lobectomy.
  6. RFA is an outpatient procedure easily learn by clinical thyroidologists, and can be done in the office under only local Lidocaine.
  7. The procedure is less expensive than surgery.
  8. If you don’t learn to use RFA for your patients you need to refer to a thyroidologists that does.
  9. Call me for details.
  10. 13103938860 or
  11. Ask for Alicia
  12. Dr.G. I am in Los Angeles.
Dr.Hands is an interventional thyroidologist in TEXAS.

Dr.Michael is an interventional thyroidologists in Pennsylvania.
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