Three Private Thyroid Physicians Cover the USA From coast to coast in doing Thyroid Ablations with Ethanol and Radiofrequency.

As private endocrinologists, we treat our patients with ethanol and RF ablation for cysts,benign nodules and small papillary thyroid cancers instead of active surveillance or surgery. The procedure is done in our treatment room in our office. We use only local to control pain. The injection of local to the area of the thyroid capsule is enough to prevent pain. There are no nerve endings in the thyroid gland or nodule.The patient is fully awake during the procedures and can tell us if they are have any problems. Voice changes which have not happened in our cases, can be rapidly treated during the procedure with iced dextrose injection to the area of the nerve. They have been reported to rapidly improve allowing the procedure to continue. Slow recovery may cause the procedure to be aborted.

The west coast is my area. Located in Los Angeles near the LAX airport in Santa Monica. Dr.Kathleen Hands is in the midwest in Texas. Dr.Brian Michael is on the east coast in Pennsylvania.

Kathleen Hands MD,FACE,ECNU 540 Madison Oak Medical Building # 270 San Antonio TX 78258 1-210-491-9494

Brian Michael MD,FACE,ECNU 20 Expedition Trail #204 Gettysburg PA 17325 1-717-287-0430

Dr. Brian E. Michael, MD | Gettysburg, PA | Endocrinologist | US News  Doctors

Richard Guttler MD,FACE,ECNU 1328 16th street Santa Monica Ca 90404 1-310-393-8860 or

Dr. Richard Guttler, MD | Santa Monica, CA | Healthgrades

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