Thyroid Patient With Anti- Vaccine Madness on Yelp

Dear Miss Holly G.                                    7/30/2021 

Thank for your Yelp review.  I have appended your Yelp review to my rebuttal.

My comments on your review.

As a physician it is my duty to inform my patients of the danger of not being vaccinated. I have many patients that are not vaccinated. I do not require the patients to be vaccinated to see me as she implied in the review.

All my patient that are not vaccinated hear me mention it is wise to be vaccinated but only her blowup and walked out.

President Biden wants everyone vaccinated to protect themselves and others around them. 

Your comments on my handling of the vaccine issue has one glaring lie. 

Him: and I QUOTE: “people who don’t get vaccinated will die.”  

Dead wrong 

I said that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. This was a quote from the CDC director and the President.  That people that are not vaccinated are at risk of contacting the delta strain of the virus and without the vaccine they are more likely to have a severe case and can even die. I never said you would die. 

Most people will read your review will decide you never said anything about my thyroid expertise because you left without my evaluation, and that your review is a long winded rant that just happened to be aimed at me for asking you about the vaccine issue not my thyroid expertise.

The patients yesterday called you out as a person that has been subjected to many questions about your anti-vaccine stand. My normal questions about your vaccine issue caused you to finally explode and unload on me.

Three patients in my waiting room witnessed your behavior. 

Holy G entire review without any editing by me.

“I went to see Dr Guttler today for a nodles on my thyroid.
her spelling
The woman at the front desk was super nice and helpful with my paperwork. She took my payment ($1100) and told me to wait for the doctor. 
Right outside the door I heard him ask “is this one vaccinated.” She answered “no.” 
He literally walked into the room. Did not greet me. Did not ask me anything about my thyroid. This was the conversation: 
“Are you vaccinated?” 
Me: no  
Me: I choose not to be (this is where the conversation should have ended) 
“Is it some sort of moral thing” (in a condescending tone) 
Me: I don’t want to answer that  
Him: and I QUOTE: “people who don’t get vaccinated will die.”  
I literally got off the table, grabbed my phone and bag and walked out of the room.  
He followed me out and said “so you don’t want your thyroid treated?” (Why i would ever pay to be treated by someone who interacts this way is beyond me) 
I responded: I came here for my thyroid not be to told I will die for not being vaccinated. 
He responded: I’m telling you the facts. 
I responded: that is your opinion (few doctors even can agree on what’s “factual” on vaccines. 
I went over to the desk and she was already printing out my refund, kindly. He kept standing in the room intimidating me to “get my thyroid treated.” 
Never in my life have I had an experience with such an abrasive doctor. I came for thyroid help, not to be told to get vaccinated. Or questioned about it. 
I’m not “anti vaccine” but it’s absolutely NONE of this doctors business what I do with my body. Maybe he could use a course on how to speak to women. 
If he has this policy, then tell patients “you need to be vaccinated for the doctor to feel comfortable treating you.” 
I called another doctor to a make an appointment and was told that was not only inappropriate but that I wouldn’t be asked about it.  
Though I’d have to wear a mask (no problem!) 
This doctor is abusing his power and if he’s treating thyroid then the first question should be about the thyroid. I will also be reporting him to the board 

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