Thyroid RFA: My Road Map to Success.

Thyroid Radiofrequency RFA Road Map to Success for Your treatment of Thyroid Nodule or Cancer.

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  1. Do not settle for the surgeon’s initial recommendation, but seek outside opinions.

  2. Thyroid surgery is not an emergency even for thyroid cancer. You have time to explore other options.

  3. Do your homework and look on the internet for information on alternative therapies including ethanol PEI and RFA.

  4. Read about the success of RFA and ethanol ablation PEI treatment without surgery for cysts,nodules and selected cancer.

  5. Find a interventional thyroidologist to help you toward your goals.

  6. Send your records including ultrasounds and biopsies prior to the consultation.

  7. Set up a consultation to see if thyroid RFA is right for you.

  8. If you are a candidate, you need blood tests, including clotting screen.

  9. Questions are asked to see if you have any serious illnesses, allergies, metal objects in your body from past surgery, and no pacemaker.

  10. Set a date for the 20-30 minute office procedure done under local Lidocaine injection of the skin and thyroid capsule.

  11. Pain is minimal as the sensory nerves are only on the capsule and skin. There none in the thyroid or nodule.

  12. There are minimal side effects and recovery is quick. Most patients leave after 45-60 minutes observation.

  13. Many return to work.

  14. Post thyroid RFA follow up is at 3,6, and 12 months.

  15. Thyroid RFA is less expensive done out of the hospital or imaging centers under local in my office.

  16. It is presently not covered but a medical loan can be obtained to pay the physician. The cost of Thyroid RFA is less than surgery and is about the same as the surgery co-pay.

  17. If you are serious in wanting to keep your thyroid gland and not have the need for thyroid hormone replacement post surgery, call me now.

  18. 310-393-8860, or

  19. Don’t be fooled by ads and websites by universities, hospitals, and radiologists who are new to treating thyroid patients.

  20. I have 8 years experience working with thyroid RF equipment.

  21. Dr.G.

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