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Why should you consider Ethanol EA or radiofrequency RFA  for your benign cystic or solid thyroid nodule?

1. Remember, your symptoms and cosmetic issues can be treated and relieved with EA and or RFA. Why go to the removal of half your thyroid for the same result but  with down side negative QoL effects? This is a benign disease not cancer!

1, Your quality of life QoL will not be impacted negatively by the body changes that occur with surgery. The scar and other complications after surgery will impact your QoL. Even if they take only half of your thyroid gland you stand a good chance to have to treat hypothyroidism due to failure of the remaining half to keep you normal. This adds the added risk, expense, and further decreases your QoL by needing long term thyroid therapy.

2. The minimally invasive EA or RFA have minimal chance to cause reduced QoL . You will leave with an intact thyroid gland with just the nodule treated.You will have minimal symptoms and no long term complications in 99% of the patients.

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